Sprouting 101

Instead of a recipe, I thought I’d post instructions on how to grow your own sprouts.  Sprouts are super healthy, extremely economical and very easy to grow – in only 5-6 days!  Anybody can do it – no special skills required!

A sprout possesses all of the energy, vitamins and nutrients and power that enables it to be transformed from a small seed into a strong plant. At this stage its nutritional value is at its highest.  For instance, sprouted seeds can contain 400% more protein than lettuce and over 3900% more beta-carotene.

Also, due to their size and taste you are able to eat hundreds of sprouted seeds at a time. In so many sprouts, you are eating the equivalent of hundreds of fully grown plants all at once – when else would you be able to get the goodness of one hundred mature plants in one meal?!

Studies have also shown that broccoli and other types of sprout contain exceptionally high levels of a natural cancer fighting compound called sulforaphane (20 – 50 times more than in mature broccoli) which helps support antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

I regularly sprout alfalfa for salads, wraps and sandwiches, and broccoli sprouts for my breakfast shake (honestly, I don’t care for them since I don’t like raw broccoli, but I know how good they are for me so I do my best to mask the flavor – if you like raw broccoli you may like broccoli sprouts). Smile