Amazing Basil Pesto! Oil and Cheese Free, Still Rich and Creamy!

Even though I have a gazillion vegan/vegetarian cookbooks, I don’t refer to them too often.  I have this thing about feeling like I have to create the recipes myself.  Whatever.  Anyway, last night I made my minestrone (I guess I should post that recipe too), but I wanted a pesto to top it off.  Prepared pestos and recipes for them contain lots of olive oil, cheese and nuts.  Well, this recipe, created by Del Sroufe – author of the Forks Over Knives Cookbook – ROCKS!  No oil, no cheese, and fewer pine nuts than traditional recipes.  It came out so creamy, so rich, you would NEVER know it didn’t have the traditional ingredients.  I haven’t tried it but you can leave the nuts out, and use lite silken tofu, to make it even lower in fat.  I seriously licked the blade of the food processor like I’d just made cookies.  Ridiculous. If you like pesto, try this recipe!! You won’t be sorry!