Orange Chocolate Chip Scones (vegan, whole wheat)

I have faith in scones again.

I stopped eating them years ago, after I changed my eating ways to low-fat, plant-based. ¬†A sad time in a way. ¬†I loved my new healthy path, but I also really loved scones. ¬†And cookies. ¬†And donuts. ¬†And cakes. ¬†And pastries. ¬†I always say “if I could give that stuff up, anybody can!” ¬†It’s not like I ate them all the time but I treated myself more than I should have. ¬† Vegan treats and baked goods are becoming more mainstream, but they are by no means healthy. ¬†The animal products have been removed (win!) but they still have a ton of fat and heavily refined ingredients. ¬†Which is why I love creating healthier versions of fattening vegan baked goods. ¬†These scones fit right in with that mission. ¬†Are they health food that should be eaten all the time? ¬†No. ¬†But they sure are better for you than most, and satisfy a craving without putting your health at risk and creating a ton of guilt! ¬†Enjoy!

Whole Grain Strawberry Scones (vegan, low-fat)

A friend recently posted a link to a scone recipe. ¬†The recipe called for whole wheat flour, and the addition of fruit, making it seem like a healthier version. I opened the link only to find the recipe was anything but healthy. ¬†It called for 1 cup whole cream, 1 stick of butter, an egg and and egg white. ¬†Yes, whole wheat is better than white, but with all the other unhealthy ingredients still there, it hardly makes a difference changing the flour and adding some fruit. ¬†Herein lies the problem with the way so many people eat. ¬†Adding a single food or nutrient, or taking it out, won’t really make much difference in health outcomes. ¬†We must pay attention to the overall pattern and big picture. ¬†As my friend and mentor Dr. Pam Popper says, “the totality of the diet and lifestyle”.

I was determined to “healthify” (not really a word, but I’m going with it) the recipe. ¬†I thought I would just be able to sub out good stuff for bad, but ended up basically creating a whole new recipe. I don’t use oil or vegan butter in my baked goods, but I did use a small amount here. ¬†Scones are all about fat, and I felt I needed some for them to turn out like anything resembling a scone. ¬†Keep in mind these are lighter than traditional scones because they aren’t loaded with fat. ¬†The average scone has 20-30 grams of fat (a day’s worth), so you’d have to expect this healthy version, which has about 3, to be a little different. ¬†They are still delicious, especially when you know arteries aren’t being clogged, and thighs or bellies aren’t growing during consumption!

NOTE: Use organic strawberries, as conventionally grown strawberries are very heavily sprayed with harmful pesticides.  Or, feel free to use a different type of berry.